We at Blue Hook Ad Group feel strongly about giving back to the local community.  We feel that every business should take social responsibility and support the communities that support that business.  


Event sponsorship is a great way to gain exposure  in your local community.  We aim to bring creative and unique events to  Champaign county, which will afford you the opportunity to advertising your business to local consumers.  As an added bonus, every event that we present will benefit a local nonprofit organization.  So you will know that your advertising dollars are going directly back into the communities and neighborhoods where you do business.  Stay tuned for upcoming events below...


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Discount cards are a proven fundraiser for schools, church and youth groups, sport teams and non-profit organizations. We will make your fundraiser easy and profitable and customize your cards with your name and logo.  We’ve already done the heavy lifting by organizing and securing discounts from some of Champaign-Urbana’s favorite local businesses!



We've added some great discounts.  Here are the 2018-19 merchants:

Some of our past fundraising organizations:

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If you are an organization interested in fundraising or a local business interested in supporting this program, please contact us today!